About Us

Based in Hyderabad, India Savit Technologies is the leading provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to the International Recruitment Market. Combining speed, competence, flexibility, professional attitude along with lower costs and modern technology, our offshore staffing agents ensure to furnish the ideal contenders for your firm. Resume screening, resume processing, candidate generation, name generation, vacancy monitoring and Internet sourcing are to name just a few from the array of services we offer.

Irrespective of whether you are a small boutique sized company or a large international conglomerate, Savit Technologies offers a range of Recruitment Services to make your recruitment operations more efficient. We provide professional staff with required skills and experience working in dedicated office space, including hardware, software, communication infrastructure. While the team works from our premises and will be on our payroll, you will have full control over what the team does. While you chalk out your team plans, we will take care of all aspects of your team's day to day needs. Whether it is resume marketing or requirement gathering, searching resumes or initial screening, initial interviews or conducting various tests to assess the competence of the prospective candidate, final interviews or negotiating the compensation packages, we can provide you a dedicated team for recruiting that works as per your requirements.



Savit Technologies has helped us in building a strong team over a very short time. I feel that they understand our needs well and are committed to working with us.